Our story

In my college years I educated myself about our impact on the earth and the fact that we need immediate change in our consumption because the way our economy works is not sustainable. I then started my eco-friendly journey. I quickly realized that most eco-friendly products are expensive and most people are not going to make the switch because they can't afford it and the rest of the population just doesn't care. 

I figured that by coming up with cheaper alternatives to our current products, most people would be encouraged to make the change even if they don't care about preserving the environment (it will be a bonus). The goal is not to make everyone go on a perfect zero-waste journey, the goal is to make as many people as possible be eco-friendly. I hope to be able to educate people about their consumption, not only for the environment, but also for their own health. 

Only 9% of the plastic that we toss in the recycling bin actually gets recycled and the percentage of people that recycle is still very low in North America. This means that the majority of plastic is not recyclable, most of it ends up in a landfill or in the ocean polluting the natural ressources and even the fish that we eat. This is why everything in my store is 100% recyclable and hopefully it sets an example for others to make the switch.